The auction house in Lexington, IL 61753

by Larry Johnson 9. March 2015 08:06

Ever been to the auction house in Lexington, IL 61753 with your keys locked in the car, or have truck problems. Johnson Automotive has you covered we will come and take care of your problems. We can also we can rent you a HERTZ CAR RENTAL. So the next time you stop by and buy an antique lamp or silver set and found you have a problem call 815-692-4015 We will tow, repair, jumpstart,  unlock your transportation
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Do I really need that fluid flush

by Larry Johnson 2. March 2015 13:31

Do I really need that fluid flush

Many people ask themselves as they debate the answer to the service writer.I can tell you in my experience I have fuel injectors that would flow correctly cleaned up, and not by the illusion of the smoke machine some chemical companies offer. And I can tell you that about 75 percent of the water pump failures are due to contaminated coolant. Many of the replacement steering pumps, fuel pumps, water pumps, heater cores, etc. manufactures insist on flushes before their new part is installed because they are ready to sell you a new part with a warranty but not beaten up by this now acidic garbage some call oil, fluid, coolant ect.Do not forget we all understand we need an oil change and thats not an issue however if it is a wallet flush to you by all means come in and we will gladly replace your car’s components. Please don’t feel pushed we only make recommendations, you make the decision about your car. visit us at


Brake repair

by Larry Johnson 2. March 2015 13:08

Brake repair

When it comes to brake noise, vibrations, longevity many people have their own ideas .however the truth is very hidden from the average person, it take an educated person to understand the differences between friction materials, metallic recipes of brake rotors and pads. How are your brake fluid and the operation of your ABS controller? Yes all of these things are a part of a larger picture. And don’t believe you can judge the answer by the amount you spend, the part store, OR THE BRAND YOU BUY. At Johnson Automotive we are certified to repair the complex vehicles which is the best result for you and your pocket book, which of course is to do it right the first time or start all over.

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The Pontiac, IL 61764 Holiday Tournament

by Larry Johnson 10. December 2014 13:03

The Pontiac, IL 61764 Holiday Tournament

This year is the 84th Holiday Tournament and as usual WJEZ 98.9 will cover the event. The Pontiac Holiday Tournament, founded in 1926 by Don “Cash” Seaton, physical education teacher and head basketball coach, has the distinction of being the original and oldest high school Christmas tournament in the nation.  Seaton envisioned an event that would bring teams from different parts of the state to Central Illinois for three days during the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day.  This is still the goal of our tournament today.  It is our hope that you the fans have a great experience watching some of the best teams, players, and coaches in Illinois participate.


In the middle of this fun and excitement remember Johnson Automotive is here for you if you find yourself in need of our services.  Door locked with keys in them, flat tires, car won’t start, etc. don’t have to ruin your good time.  Call Johnson Automotive @ 815-692-4015.  Enjoy your excitement and leave these inconveniences to Johnson Automotive.  We are here for you.

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 Hi, and welcome to another Johnson Automotive Video.   That’s right, even if you are down here in Pontiac, Illinois.  Johnson Automotive is here to take care of you.  You get a van load of people down here for a game or to come check out the museum .  Awesome idea.  Not so awesome if you break down.   But don’t worry.  We got you covered with a Hertz Rent-a-car.  We can get you fixed up at the shop.  Come over here and tow you out.  And if you are here this winter and it gets stuck in the ditch, we got you covered there too.  Accidents.  It doesn’t really matter, you need a tow truck, we got your back.  Just give us a call and we‘ll get you a Hertz Rent-a-car, 24 Hours a day…or… should I say...23 hours a day.  Thanks for watching and Have A Great Day.



7 or more myths about remote car starters

by Larry Johnson 29. October 2014 03:51

7 or more myths about remote car starters

1) All remote starters are the same, Are all cars and trucks the same, all installations are the same. Of course not! The vehicle and its theft system, computerized electronics, convinces are all different between year, make, model, sub model, trim level, and yes sometimes build date And on the remote start the origin of the unit and the quality (or lack thereof) wow have I removed some real piles of electro junk

2) All companies that install remote starters are the same No, and here's why the best remote starter in the world won't make up for a sloppy installation by an inexperienced installer. Most people have found they've gotten the best results hiring an experienced company that uses certified installers, along with dependable products that have been around for more than a year or two. Companies with good reputations in the marketplace are happy to demonstrate their product to you, and show you their warranty as well as their work. Most reputable shops employ Mobile Electronics Certification Program (MECP) certified technicians, ones that have performed literally hundreds of installations, prior to yours .

3) You can install one yourself.Maybe, Maybe not. If you have extensive knowledge of automotive electronics and computer software showing detailed 12-volt wiring schematics of your vehicle (including its factory security system), the answer might be yes. But be aware that attaching any aftermarket electronics product to today's vehicles without the proper knowhow can be extremely risky; the worst case scenario could be damaging the electronic control module (the computer) or detonating the air bag, resulting in expensive repairs.

4) The only reason to have a remote car starter installed is to warm up your vehicle No. Although it's true that a nice warm car is the feature you'll probably love the most, you'll find a remote starter lets you "escape the scrape" too. Several models also come with a keyless entry option as well, so you can enjoy the safety and convenience of locking and unlocking your vehicle (and even pop your trunk), all with just the touch of a button. And don't forget remote starters are great in the summertime too! They'll quickly cool off a vehicle that's been sitting in the hot sun all day!

5) The remote starters you can purchase at your local department store or warehouse club are just as good as the ones the specialty electronics shops sell and install. Maybe, but not likely. Check around, you'll find very few (if any) specialty shops use the brands you see on the shelves in the warehouse clubs and department stores — and with good reason: Most are budget priced models — often manufactured in a third world country somewhere. Most simply don't measure up. And consider this: If you do purchase one at the discount club, who will you call when you have a problem?

6) The company that quotes you the cheapest price is the one you should hire. No. I've never seen so many problems arise from "the cheapest price" companies that I suggest you NEVER hire the company that advertises the cheapest price. Here's why:

       A) Where will they "cut corners" on your vehicle? Will they hurry the installation; use an inferior product or...            maybe both?

      B) The company may have a low price because they are installing an unreliable or budget model — often with            very limited range and without any type of warranty

      C) Some shops break the law by using a variety of bait and switch tactics like this one: The "low price"                  quoted (or advertised) lasted only until the client arrived at the place of business. Then they are told that            that particular model they thought they'd be getting "won't work on your vehicle" or it ends up being a real            "economy" model, i.e.: one WITHOUT the features they thought were included. Then they get pressured into           upgrading and paying a whole lot more.

7) A warranty or guarantee is not important for a good job. No, here our remote start warranty is 2 years on labor and lifetime on parts 


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coats for kids

by Larry Johnson 15. October 2014 09:45

coats for kids

This winter is support to be 30% stronger than last year. According to NOAA the winter of 2013 was the 34th coldest winter since 1895. We could be set for an extremely cold, wet winter. Some of us may not be able to provide our children with the warm coats they so badly need. So we here at Johnson Automotive have decided to help out. When you come to Johnson Automotive buying tires, remote starts, maintain your vehicle, or perhaps you need our tow truck and rental cars.  Johnson Automotive is offering $30 off the purchase of a remote start when you drop off a gently used coat we are calling it “coats for kids “the details are as follows

Drop a gently used kids coat at Johnson Automotive and receive $30 off a remote start purchased at that time

When: October 1st thru December 31st during business hours

M – F 7am – 6pm and Saturday 8am – 4pm

Where: 601 w Oak Fairbury, IL 61739

Questions: call 815-692-4015

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Exhaust noise, smells, original equipment, and economic repairs

by Larry Johnson 10. September 2014 03:39

Exhaust noise, smells, original equipment, and economic repairs

This fall the weather cools down and exhaust fumes sneak into vehicles and as you know this isn’t good children or adults. Sometimes it is a pinhole, a catalytic converter, or from an accident. In any case we can have your custom exhaust or repair completed in no time. Should you  find yourself in an accident just give us a call and we can tow your car, put you in a rental car, and fix your vehicle up in a quick, effective, quality manner.


Whether it happen in Pontiac IL, Gridley IL, Chenoa IL, Fairbury IL, Forrest IL, or one of the many smaller communities just give us  a call 815-692-4015



 OH, HEY, DIDN’T SEE YOU THERE.   Hey, just wanted to let you guys know we do exhaust here.   Don’t get bent over, somewhere else.  Come over here and we will be glad to fix your exhaust.  If it just a little loud, or maybe you want it a little louder!  Whichever way it is, stop on by Johnson Automotive and we will be sure to get your exhaust all fixed up for you.  Thanks for watching Johnson Automotive AND HAVE A GREAT DAY.



Tires, rims, runflates, 19,20,22 and 24 inch rims in Fairbury 61739,Pontiac 61764, and Gridley 61744

by Larry Johnson 8. September 2014 02:54

Tires, rims, runflates, 19,20,22 and 24 inch rims in Fairbury 61739,Pontiac 61764, and Gridley 61744

As the leaves fall and the weather turns colder people think of a few important things

1) tires

2) maintenance

3) remote starts

We will only focus on the first one in this article. As the older vehicles fall to the wayside many new vehicles have larger tires,rims and Tpms.

all of these items take special care that some shops are just not equipt to handel here at Johnson Automotive we are ready  to sell and handel all your tire, rim, TPMS needs whether itis a Chevy, Volkswagon, BMW, Toyota, or any other domestic, Asian, or european car, truck, suv, hybrid, or electric vehicle.

Quality eqipment, certified Technicions, and the very best in customer service

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Hi.  Welcome


Me to another Johnson Automotive video.  Today’s quick clip, we are going to talk about tires for just a second.  Wither it is tires, tpms,   we can relearn, replace those sensors, relearn them to the car just like the factory.  Just like the new car dealer.  Only better. Some people ask me, Larry, why is it that you’ve got to have a $15,000.dollar tire machine?  And the answer is:  The size of today’s tires.  You know some of the factories cars are coming out with 22’s and 24’s. stock Factory.  And not only do we want to put that size of rim on our machine, but we don’t want to scratch it or tear up the tpms sensors.  You know a lot of care goes into today’s vehicles, so that we don’t have to do damage to your vehicles, we simply just trying to do maintained to your vehicle like to put on some new tires for you. So stop on by Johnson Automotive, where you can get the certified, professional, and maintenance and repair that you deserve.  


Hybrid vehicles

by Larry Johnson 1. September 2014 06:43

Hybrid vehicles have been in the market place since 1990, and they are still very trendy different manufactures and different models apply the technology in different ways like how the Chevy Volt uses the gas engine to produce electricity only and not propel the vehicle, so if there is a high voltage fault the car may not move. From the beginning to the latter part of 2013 3,087,961   hybrids had been sold. Having repaired hybrid vehicles in the past Johnson Automotive continues to invest in tools and equipment needed to service these automotive works of art. So regardless of what part of your hybrid vehicle lets you down water pump, brakes, battery, steering  or suspension, engine, Transmission, computer, whether you need our tow truck or service bay we will take care of you right.·       

 We can perform scheduled maintenance and other repairs on your hybrid including

·         Oil Changes

·         Coolant Services

·         Transmission Services

·         Brake and Rotor Replacement

·         Tire Replacement

·         Hybrid drive motor

·         Hybrid Battery (AGM)

·         30/60/90/100k Mile Service

·         And many more.

While hybrid batteries tend to last 7-10 years, eventually these need to be replaced because lack of fuel economy or worn battery cells. Often people believe that these hybrid batteries need to be replaced by the dealership which charges up to $6000 for a new battery. Johnson is certified in replacement of the hybrid battery packs. Our certified hybrid specialist is trained to help you choose the proper repair and or service for your hybrid. In some cases the battery pack may not have to be replaced, rather have the battery pack regenerated, which could permit your battery to last longer than actually having to replace it. If the regeneration process doesn’t work, a complete replacement may be needed. In any case the Hybrid Specialist at Johnson Automotive look for ways to save you money, and to be a dealer alternative for your hybrid vehicle. Johnson Automotive can service your hybrid and it won’t void your manufacturer’s warranty. For many people when it comes time to take their hybrid car in for service or repair, they believe that it’s better to leave their car in the hands of the experts. Some take their car to the dealership where they purchased it and pay exorbitant fees. At Johnson Automotive we are trained to know the ins and outs of your hybrid vehicle and can service all parts of your hybrid with our expert knowledge at a lower cost than the dealership.

A few of the hybrids that we service are:

  • ·         Toyota Prius
  • ·         Lexus CT200H
  • ·         Ford Fusion Hybrid
  • ·         Honda Civic Hybrid
  • ·         Hyundai Sonata Hybrid
  • ·         Chevrolet Volt
  • ·         Toyota Camry Hybrid
  • ·         Honda CR-Z
  • ·         Nissan Leaf
  • ·         Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid
  • ·         Chevrolet Tahoe/Yukon
  • Chevrolet Silverado/Sierra
  • Chevrolet Malibu
  • Ford Escape (Mariner)
  • Ford Fusion Hybrid
  • Honda Accord Hybrid
  • Honda Civic Hybrid
  • Honda Insight
  • Honda Insight
  • Lexus RX400h
  • Nissan Altima
  • Toyota Camry Hybrid
  • Toyota Highlander
  • Toyota Prius


·         and more


Call your hybrid specialist, Johnson Automotive, today  815-692-4015 

visit us at or stop by 601 w oak st Fairbury, IL 61739


Pricing, labor rates, cost of repairs

by Larry Johnson 20. August 2014 03:44

Many times people will ask, what is your labor rate? However what they and many others don’t realize that that is only a small part of the question. The rest of the questions are

                1)      Are your techs certified

                2)      What is the total cost

                3)      What is your warranty

                4)      What quality of parts

                5)      What are others experience (internet, etc.)

                6)      What experience with my type of vehicle

                7)      What is the turn around

                8)      Can you trust them

                9)      What is their overhead

               10)   What time am I asking for the service

As you can see there are many questions .Why people only ask one is very confusing.


For the best value just stop by Johnson Automotive




Hi.  Welcome to another Johnson Automotive video.  Today we are going to talk just for a brief minute about pricing.  That’s right.  Sometimes I’LL have people come in and they will ask me,” Hey, Larry, what is your shop rate.  And you know it is really  kinda irrelevant, because what a lot of people don’t realize is. Say they are 50 bucks an hour. They are really not 50 bucks an hour because what they will do is they will take a given job and instead of charging you an hour for if, if It pays an hour, they will charge you an hour and a half or whatever, an hour and .4 or .6,, whatever it takes for them to make the real dollars because after all by the time you get done paying the government, paying your employees and paying the insurance company, there is not a lot of money left over.   Everybody has got to be competitive here for the bottom dollar.  But let me tell you here about something that we decided here to do just to make life easier and for you.  And that is a good, better, best scenerial.  So we can offer those cheaper repairs for you.  Maybe a little cheaper price, maybe not as good as the parts and stuff as far as that goes and unfortunately we are not going to be able to offer you the same great, fantastic warranty.  You know, I have always said, great price is great until it is time for a warranty.    And then you know I hate it when you get something and you go back to the person  and your  say “Hey, you know that , remember that thing you did for me , well you know something is not right on it.   I would like you to go ahead and see what you can do about that.”   I hate it when they say, “Oh, I’m sorry.  It is just out of warranty. “That’s ridiculous sometimes.  You ‘v e been there.  I’ve been there.  We’ve all been there.   But what we would rather do is just say, “Hey, you know what we’ve got you covered, we can take care of.   Don’t worry.  Do I need to tow it in?  Do I need to come---How can I take care of you?”  Because this is what we are after here at Johnson Automotive.   But we have those cheaper options for you, to where if you just want something that just does the job, or something that does a little better than just doing the job, we can do that for you.  Because we are here to take care of you. And we know that sometimes maybe the car is a little older and you are getting ready to get rid of it, or you just don’t have the money at the time to put into it.   Stop by; let us actually put our eyes on it, so we can give you an honest estimate.  I hate those guestimates over the phone.  I don’t ever want to lie to anybody and that’s almost what you end up doing when you do a phone estimate.  Stop by sometime when we can give you a fair, honest quote and a fair honest job.     Thanks for watching and HAVE A GREAT DAY.  If you have never been here, check out our reviews on line and we will see you soon.