oil changes

by Larry Johnson 18. August 2014 14:43

oil changes

Many people often ask me how much an oil change? The answer is not as simple as it sounds.You need 3 pieces of information

        1)     What is the year, make, model, engine

        2)     What quality of filter, & the quality of the oil

        3)     What is your service interval

Some vehicles require an SJ or an SN specification or perhaps the infamies Volkswagen 505 spec Or perhaps some other European specification. How about the Asian 0w20 spec. should you use conventional or synthetic. And what percentage is a synthetic blend, as there is no standard no one knows. If you do know show me where it is written. Like so many things it is not easy to get to the truth.Stop by Johnson Automotive Whether you are from Gridley 61744, Chenoa 61726, Forrest 61741, Pontiac 61764, Saunimen, Colfax, Chatsworth, Fairbury 61739, or Gibson city.


We service and repair all makes and models domestic, Asian, & European



Hi.  Welcome to another Johnson Automotive Video.  Today we are going to take a few minutes and we are going to talk about engine oil.  I had a conversation with a friend of mine and he said, “Wow, I’m going to get a full synthetic oil change for $35 bucks”.  I said, I………don’t think so.  So what we came to talk today is Oil.  And what I came to find out about is that he was talking about is synthetic blend.  And what is synthetic blend and what do you mean.  The way I understand it, the industry standard for synthetic blend is zero.  It doesn’t matter, you can have a 5 million vat of oil and put a cup of synthetic oil in it, stir it up and now you’ve got synthetic blend.  WhaLa.  Yeah.  So as you can tell it means nothing. So, our bulk oil, regular oil, is synthetic blend but we don’t talk about it we treat it like regular oil because frankly, we here at Johnson Automotive are not sold on synthetic blend.   We can get you anything you want.  Whatever you want for oil.  But I just want to take a few minutes and talk to you about all the different kinds of oil we have here.  Here we have a Kendall Full Synthetic 5/30.  This particular one, if you look on the label on back, it has an API service for SN which is the newer Asian & American vehicles.   So what does that mean?  American & Asian, I’ve got a BMW.  OK, a BMW is a European vehicle.  And you would need the 5/30 European oil, which is a thicker oil, it’s a different blend.  It is all together a different oil.   So you just buy regular Mobile One full synthetic oil.  Is that going to take care of it?  No.  Mobil One has an ESP.  That is their European flavor, their European blend.   So regular Mobile One synthetic oil is not the same thing.   And then we have here, this particular European   5/30, has a 505 specification for a Volkswagon.  So that’s important, not only is it a 5/30 blend but does it have a specification for your vehicle.   And then, some of the European Vehicles, like Mercedes Benz, use 5/40 synthetic European blend oil.  Look up the specification for your particular vehicle.  Look on the back and find out, does this have the specification for my vehicle.  Oil is not oil, is what t I’m saying.  This here is Valvoline 5/30 Dura blend.  It is a synthetic blend.  It is not a full synthetic.  I don’t know what percentage Valvoline has synthetic verses regular oil. Some manufactures have such a poor, low grade of regular oil; they have to add synthetic to boost it to meet specifications.   And also I want to talk about the specification that is here on the bottom that is Dextos .  Some 2011 and newer GM vehicles have to have a dexos approved oil.  We carry that in stock, in bulk.  We do quite a few of those.  Here is one it is a full synthetic global formula.  What does that mean?    So there are a lot of questions that a person should ask themselves when purchasing oil.  Or quite frankly when they are going to a shop for an oil change.  Are they familiar with your vehicle?  Do they know what kind of oil your vehicle should use?  Do they have the ability to look it up?  Do they have the manufacturers’ specifications and resources available?   We here at Johnson’s Automotive have the availability to hop on line any of the factory websites.  Some of them cost us.  Some of them are free.  It just depends on what vehicle we are talking about.   Also I wanted to mention to you.  Sometimes if you have a sludge build up, or something, in some cases it is appropriate to do what is called an engine/oil flush.  It is great maintance.  In some cases, the same way wither it is a transmission or anything else and it has been way too long and if there is a possibility of damage, we just won’t do it to your vehicle.   So this is the MOA, the additive that goes in afterwards.  And this is the, we call it the compression performance restoration from BG.  We also use that.  This is the cleaner the actual cleaner.  The reason why that is is when you 


The luxurious European auto

by Larry Johnson 12. August 2014 14:16

Whether it is a Jaguar, Land rover, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Saab, Audi, Volvo, Volkswagen, or one of the other elegant auto's Europe inspires working on them requires special tooling, software, and experience. Here at Johnson Automotive we appreciate maintaining, repairing, and caring for these works of art and transportation. As you invest in a quality drive that offers safety and reliability. We invite you to wait in our comfortable lounge as we quickly service your treasure. For more lengthy procedures we offer a shuttle or rental car. Stop in and let our certified repair staff care for your auto concerns




Hi, and welcome to another Johnson Automotive video. In this video we are going to talk about European Cars. That’s why here at Johnson Automotive Service here we service your Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, BMW, what have you. European cars, a lot of people tell me that they can get their European cars changed really cheap at some Quick Lube and I gotta tell you a lot of those places use Asian Domestic oil. Whoa, Larry, back up, what did you just say? What are you talking about? They put 5/30 oil in there. There is a difference between European oil and the other 5/30 Synthetic oils that are out there. We use the Long Life European Synthetic Oil that is appropriate for your Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, with a 505 specification. All those specifications, we have all that looked up, all under control, we have that oil generally on our shelf. We take care of your car, just like the dealer would. Giving you the 15,000 miles service plan that is appropriate for your car. So you have a question about your car maintenance A- Plan-B-Plan, what have you. We will look everything up, where you are at. Although, I will tell you the Johnson Automotive service guide is right on top of all those maintenance guides. But if you have any questions, we will, of course be able to help you. We have the factory scan tools to reset all those maintenance lights, to get you taken care of just like the dealer would, only at a little lesser price. So don’t forget when it comes to tires, brakes, steering and suspension, ABS, air bag systems, climate controls, all the different computers, engine repairs, transmission, whatever your needs are, don’t forget to call Johnson Automotive. We take care of ALL your car needs. Thanks for watching and HAVE A GREAT DAY.

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The rural community automotive service

by Larry Johnson 30. July 2014 14:25

If you come to a rural community whether it's Gridley 61744, or Fairbury 61739, or their surrounding areas. There are many sites to see. The telephone museum in Gridley, the dirt track in Fairbury, or the Kilgus Farmstead and the Spence Farm in the surrounding country side. There is beautiful scenery, relaxing atmosphere, and great family fun. Unless one of the more taxing problems arise like locking your keys in the car, dead battery, flat tire, or even worse some mechanical failure. Call Johnson Automotive 815-692-4015. Not only will we tow you day or night, but we also have rental cars, top repair, from a quick service staff that will help you out of your dilemma



Hi welcome to another Johnson Automotive video ya even if you’re broken down here in Gridley Illinois We will bring you out a Hertz rent a car and we will pick up, your accident or wreck, your car that broke down in no  time flat so don’t forget whether it is a door unlock a jumpstart, or if you had an accident and slip off in the ditch give us a call at Johnson Automotive 815-692-4015


Thanks for watching

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Rental cars

by Larry Johnson 9. July 2014 09:56

Have you ever been out late at night and some how your involved in an accident.How will you get to work in the morning?Just give us a call and if we tow your damaged vehicle away, we will offer you one of our hertz rental cars on the spot reguardless of what  time on night it is. There is a deposit and paper work that must be tacken care of. As for your life, it goes forward. You may also renta car for any other reason such as work, vacation, or just because. More question call us at 815 - 692 - 4015.



Hi and welcome to another Johnson Automotive video.    Many people are asking me.  So, Larry, you got Hertz Rent a Car?  Absolutely we do.  We got all kinds of cars on the lot.  How many do you need.  How many accidents have you been in? Well do you want one for vacation?  Do you just need an insurance replacement?  Don’t bother calling anybody else.  Just call us for the tow and we will get your into a nice, brand new 2012 – 2013 Hertz  Rent a Car.  We’ll take care of the insurance in the morning , just give me your credit card information and we’ll  be glad to get you all set up in a nice Hertz Rent a Car so you can move  on  with your day , and don’t have to be worried about being late for work, or ruining your day just because you  had an accident.  Thanks for watching and  HAVE A GREAT DAY.

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Taking care of timing belts in the Pontiac, Gridley, Chenoa, Forrest, Chatsworth IL

by Larry Johnson 27. May 2014 04:03

Taking care of timing belts in the Pontiac, Gridley, Chenoa, Forrest, Chatsworth IL

They say timing is everything. That’s definately true when it comes to your timing belt. First, your timing belt keeps your valves operating in time with your engine so that it runs properly. Second, if you replace your timing belt on schedule, you’ll likely avoid the downtime and expense that can result from a broken or slipping timing belt. At Johnson Automotive in Fairbury we install quality  replacement parts. Some people like to save money on the accesories like water pump, idler, tensioner, & seals.However this generaly cuts the life exspectancy of the belt in half. Give us a call at 815.692.4015 and let us help keep you safely and economically on the road. check out our video and see what might happen 



Hi, welcome to another Johnson Automotive Video.  In this video we are going to discuss timing chains and timing belts.   Pretty much the idea of both of them is one of the same.  The chain tends to be more durable; however there is no service recommendation for a timing chain service interval. Timing belts, most people are aware service somewhere around 60,000 most all manufacturers recommend that.  Have any questions, come on by and we will be glad to look up your specific vehicle and tell you when exactly you are due for your timing belt.  It’s better safe than sorry.  If it says you need to do it in 60, you should probably go ahead and do it at 58-55.  There is no harm in that.  Also the water pumps accessories, idlers, tensioners, all that kind of stuff; you should probably do it all at the same time.  It has been documented that the belt---the life of the belt is about 50% shorter when you don’t do accessories and for the few extra bucks it’s just not worth it to skimp out.  This one here happens to be a timing chain motor.  Even though as I said before there is no service interval recommendation by the manufacture, that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t personally recommend doing them every 100-150, something.  There have been lots of motors ruined by timing chains jumping time.  And so basically, what does a timing chain, what does a timing belt do?  So what happens is you have your pistons going up and down in the cylinder , pumping building compression and  pressure , and the valves, the intake valve allows a fuel/air mixture when it opens up and then also when it is done—when it closes  and the piston comes up on top dead center it closes the spark plus ignites, the air/fuel mixture in explosion it throws the piston down , the piston comes back up, the exhaust valve opens up and pushes out usually the majority  of the exhaust out of the exhaust valve.  So what happens is in an engine that is called interference , these valves are so close to the piston that if it’s not times precisely, you have an impact , that impact causes a little bit of breakage.  And you can see here, there are holes in the pistons, we have busted off valve seats, and we have catastrophic damage.  You couldn’t reuse these pieces even if you wanted to rebuild it.  It’s new engine time regardless.   And certainly a timing belt or chain is significantly cheaper than buying a new engine.  But whichever you would like to do here at Johnson Automotive, we can either replace your engine or your timing belt or chain.  So whatever you want to do, we are here to help you.  However as for this motor, this head, this block I’m going to say, “Stick a fork in it…She’s done!” --- By the way, yeah, go ahead and subscribe—yeah the button is down here somewhere---yeah you can even like us—I don’t think you need to unlike us—why would you unlike us!! We are likeable so go ahead and like us! But right after you subscribe.

 Thanks for watching.   

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23 hour towing

by Larry Johnson 7. April 2014 13:51

23 hour towing

 Many people ask what hour are you off? The answer is simple, we are a 24 / 7 towing service call, and if you call  me for the tow and need a Hertz rent a car we take care of your car rental need at any hour. Of course we repair  and rent cars for anyone during hours, Monday thru Fri 7 am till 6 PM and all day Saturday 8 am until 4 pm. Over  the years many questions have arisen reguarding our towing

  What towns do you cover?

Pontiac 61764, Forrest 61741, Chenoa 61726, Lexington 61753, Fairbury 61739, Towanda 61776, Gridley 61744, Sauemin 61769, Flanagan 61740, Cullom 60929, Kempton 60946, Emington 60934, Strawn 61775, stell 60919, Campus 60920, Cooksvile 61730, Cropsey 61731, Odell 60460, Anchor 61720, Gibson City 60936, Dwight 60420, Colfax 61728 Il area, and many other towns not mentioned. Just give us a call 815-  692-4015

 Do you take credit cards?

    Yes. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover. The card AND cardholder must be present. We cannot accept credit             cards over the phone.

  Do you accept personal checks?


  Can you bill my insurance company for my service?

        1)   Yes, in some cases if you have full coverage and expect to leave the car with us until it is paid and in some cases storage is paid

         2)     If you have towing insurance, most insurance companies have a roadside company that handles those requests. In            order for them to cover it with little or no out of pocket cost to you, you must go through that roadside number.

         3)        In the case of some agents, you are able to pay for the service then get reimbursed by the insurance              company Please  contact their office to see if your agent participates in this program. Insurance companies will not pay for towing, recovery    and storage costs for vehicles that are impounded because of an arrest or being illegally parked

  My vehicle has been in an accident. What now?

1)   Full coverage insurance

A)      Call us for the tow and rental car  815–692-4015

B)     Contact your insurance company or agent and tell them where your vehicle is
located. They will normally send an adjuster out to determine whether your
vehicle is repairable or is a total loss

C)     If your vehicle is repairable, contact our office to arrange to have your vehicle
towed to a body shop of your choice.

D)     If your vehicle is totaled, the insurance company will normally arrange for a
salvage yard to pick up the vehicle.

                       E)     While the general procedure is the same for most insurance companies, please
                        contact your agent for the specific polices of your insurance company.

              2)                                                                          Liability only insurance


B)        Towing is not considered a liability of the accident, and is therefore not covered by liability only insurance. You are responsible for all towing, recovery, storage and rental car charges for your vehicle. If your vehicle is repairable, we are able to include the original towing, recovery and storage charges onto the bill for towing the vehicle to a repair shop and you can settle it with the body when you pick up your vehicle after it is repaired.

C)       If your vehicle is totaled, you have a few options:

D)       You can contact a salvage company about buying your totaled vehicle.
They do require the title to the vehicle, but most vehicles have a salvage

E)       You can pay the original towing and recovery bill, plus 7 days of storage
to us and we will accept the title for any additional storage charges, and not charge you processing and disposal costs. We do not “part out” vehicles, so your vehicle has no salvage value to us.

F)        You can pick up the vehicle and pay all towing, recovery and storage charges

 My car has been impounded. Now what?

Police Department:

Cars towed by the Police Department as the result of an arrest or being illegally parked requires a release from the police department. You must go, IN PERSON, to the police department to obtain this release. They will give you a form to bring to us to claim your vehicle. The towing fee is separate from this release fee. And different townships have different charges

1)  Please see the following for information regarding this release procedure

2)   To claim your vehicle (regardless of the reason impounded), you will need the following

       A)    Someone with a valid driver’s license

       B)    The amount of the towing/storage bill.

        C)    Acceptable forms of payment: Cash only for police arrest tows & impounds

        D)    We DO NOT accept personal or company checks

        E)    The release form from the Police Department, if required.

3)       Office hours are 7am-6pm Monday-Friday, excluding holidays. Vehicles are able
to be claimed at other times for an additional fee.

4)     DUI Arrests: If your vehicle was towed as a result of an arrest for Driving Under the
Influence (either alcohol or drugs), the State of Illinois imposes a MANDATORY 12 hour hold for the first offense (time extends for subsequent offenses). We are unable to release the vehicle before this hold expires, even if you meet the rest of the release requirements

Police departments and cities / towns they patrol

1)     Fairbury, IL   61739   -     Fairbury PD         -   815-692-3347

2)     Forrest, IL     61741     -     Fairbury PD       -     815-692-3347

3)     Chenoa, IL    61726    -     Chenoa PD          -     815-945-7111

4)     Gridley, IL     61744   -     County                 -      309-888-5000

5)     Pontiac, IL 61764       -    Pontiac PD           -      (815) 844-5148

6)     Lexington, IL 61753   -    Lexington PD       -     (309) 888-5030

7)     Chatsworth, IL 60921  -     County               -      815-844-2774

8)     Strawn, IL 61775     -    County          -        815-844-2774

9)     Colfax, IL 61728     -    County          -         309-888-5000

10)  Cropsey, IL 61731     -    County          -      815-844-2774

11)  Saunemin, IL 61769     -    County          -      815-844-2774

12)  Odell, IL 60460        -    County          -      815-844-2774

13)  Dwight, IL 60420        -    Dwight          -      815-584-3132

14)  State police     -   IL district 6     -    815-844-1522

Parked on private property, non-police ordered tow

To claim your vehicle, you will need the following:

(Regardless of the reason impounded)  

     A)   Someone with a valid driver’s license

     B)  The amount of the towing/storage bill

     C)    Acceptable forms of payment Cash

     D)    We DO NOT accept personal or company checks.

My car is impounded, do you have payment plans?

Yes. Our payment plan policy is as follows:

1)   The bill must be larger than $500

2)  The vehicle is not allowed to be removed from our impound lot until the final payment is

3)  The vehicle must be eligible for release. We do not offer payment plans on any
vehicle that has been ordered held by a government official, i.e.: police department, fire
department, US Marshal, etc. This includes vehicles that have been seized.

4)    50% of the entire bill is required as a down payment

5)   Payments will be one of the following:

A)     4 additional payments, due weekly on the day the down payment is made

B)     2 additional payments, due bi-weekly on the day the down payment is made

C)    if you make your down payment on a Monday

D)   Your weekly payment is due every Monday, until paid in full

E)    Your bi-weekly payment is due on the 1st and 3rd Monday from the down payment.

F)     Once the down payment is received, storage will be stopped. Providing that the
scheduled payments are made, you will incur no additional storage. However, if one
payment is missed, all waived storage will be added and we are unable to stop it again.
It will incur until the vehicle is picked up.

G)   There is no penalty for paying off the balance early.

H)     Acceptable forms of payment Cash

I)     . No checks are accepted

You have my car, but I want my personal property. What do I do?

Per Illinois Compiled Statutes 625 ILCS 5/4-203 (from Ch. 95 1/2, par. 4-203), the contents of
any vehicle that is subject to a lien under this subsection (g) shall likewise be subject to that lien

What does this mean to me?

Only the following items will be released from impounded vehicles:

1)     Food

2)      Medicine

3)     Perishable Property

4)     Operator’s License (driver’s license)

5)     Cash, Credit Cards or Checks/checkbooks

6)     Wallets

7)     Purses

8)     Property containing any operator’s licenses or other identifying documents or materials
all other contents of the vehicle will be held until the bill against the vehicle is settled. This
includes radios, speakers, clothing, books, tools, etc.

It’s not my car, but my personal property is inside. Can I get it?

Yes, providing the following criteria is met:

1)     The vehicle does not have a hold on it by a police department that prohibits us from
allowing anyone access to the vehicle (i.e. it’s being held for seizure).

2)     The registered owner of the vehicle is present.

3)      In the event the registered owner is not present (i.e. they are out of state, 
incarcerated, etc.), we will accept a notarized letter from them stating that you (your driver’s license/state ID number must be listed) have their permission to
remove your property from their vehicle. The letter must state specifically what
they are allowing you to remove.

4)     If the items are not the ones allowed by the law (food, medicine, perishable property,
operator’s license (driver’s license), cash, credit cards or checks/checkbooks, wallets,
purses, property containing any operator’s licenses or other identifying documents or
materials), then the original tow bill plus seven days of storage must be paid.

5)      If you are wanting to pick the items up outside of 8am-5pm Monday through Friday 
(excluding holidays), a late release fee will apply.

 I was told I had to pay a “Gate Fee” or a “Late Release Fee”. What is that?

1)      Gate Fee: A “Gate Fee” is a fee charged every time someone is requesting access to
the impound yard in regards to that vehicle, including when it is picked up and removed.

2)     A Gate Fee is charged regardless of the time the access is requested.

3)      Late Release Fee: A “Late Release Fee” is charged when you are requesting access
to the impound yard in regards to that vehicle after business hours, including when it is
picked up and removed. This fee is also charged when you are removing personal items
from the vehicle after hours.

My vehicle is broken down. Can I work on it in your impound lot?

 No, our insurance requirements do not allow anyone to work on a vehicle on our property, 
including the removal of parts. You would need to make arrangements to have the vehicle
removed from our property.

 Do you have requirements for accessing your impound yard?

Yes, only the following people are allowed access to our impound yard(gate fees and/or late Release fees may apply) 

          1)       Registered owner or their designated agent

           2)        Leave your friends in the vehicle that brought you they will not be allowed in the yard

           3)        Insurance adjuster

           4)        Police officer

 Requirements for being allowed entrance to our impound yards:

   1)       At least 16 years of age. No one under the age of 16 will be admitted, with or without a

 2)       Closed toe shoes



Hi.  Welcome to another Johnson Automotive video.  Yes, 23—23 Hour Towing.  Yeah, I know, it’s really 24 but it gets people asking.   Hey listen, you guys get into an accident, give me a call from the car.  If you guys just need a rent a car.  We’ve got nice brand new 2011-2012 Hertz Rent Cars.  Nice, clean, cars for your convenience. .  Just give me a call; we will bring you one even after hours if you give me the tow. 

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Used vehicle pre-purchace inspections

by Larry Johnson 23. July 2013 03:44

          Vehicle safety inspections

Many shops offer them, however several don't follow through! Some because they are lazy, others because they fear the response of the customer. It has recorded that since the 1970's the traffic fatality rate has fallen 2 percent per year until the last 12 months where it jumped 9%! I ask the question when a backyard or a do it yourself auto repair goes bad who makes it right, who pays for it? If you don't hear the advice of your mechanic why does he inspect your vehicle if doesn't inspect your vehicle properly is he a professional, if he is not a professional why do you go to him?

As for me and my shop we will continue to do the right thing and act with respect, honesty, and professionalism. Hopefully we explained fully, if not ask us and we will show you

leave a comment, or ask a question, visit us on YOUTUBE


HI, and welcome to another Johnson Automotive video.  Don’t let them hook you into another used vehicle purchase going into it blindfolded.   Stop on by Johnson Automotive where we are a black belt in automotive repair, inspections and diagnosis.  Here we have a check sheet process, CAR FAX, diagnostics, and after all, we are the ones that would be fixing your vehicle.   Stop on by Johnson Automotive where you can get that used vehicle inspected by a professional.  By the black belts in automotive repair!  Thanks for watching.  

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Spring has sprung

by Larry Johnson 2. April 2013 03:56

Spring has sprung

As the weather gets nicer vehicle monitors complete, gas prices start to climb, noises and vibrations become

apparent. Check us out online at our website or Youtube . check out this link to increase your fuel mileage http://youtu.be/FlmUkS8PfUI .Holding off on these repairs doesn't save you money rather it costs you more because it tears up more and lowers your fuel mileage . Once that check engine light is on for something your not concerned about like say an evaporative emission problem it doesn't change if a crank sensor or a oxygen sensor. Stop in and see us at John son Automotive 601 west oak Fairbury




Hi.  Welcome to another Johnson Automotive video.  In this video we are going to talk about Fuel System Cleaning and maintenance.  Basically this is what the throttle body looks like on the inside.  When you take the cover off and see all the guts in here...  You notice all the plastic gears and you know that plastic is not plastic and it is made pretty well but basically you see the movement on the butterfly and it corresponds with these gears, plastic gears plus carbon, small electric motor running  and all this, basically a lot of times what happens is a lot of carbon build-up gets in here it makes the motor work hard trying to overcome all the carbon deposits and it’s hard not only on the throttle body, it’s hard on what they call the idle air control.  All those things, little motor, all trying to run, trying to do their job.  Fuel system clean will make your car run a lot better.  It also cleans out the injectors, the little ports on the injectors; it gets them all spraying right, so that the fuel can actually atomize best.  I’ve got brochures on it, you can go to my web site, and  go to our services page and there is lots of links on there for BG, and for my,”Having trouble visualizing a repair or maintenance service”, click on that link and it will take you to a car .  Go through all kinds of explanations of timing belts and fuel system cleans and coolant flushes the whole bit.  Also on there, if you like, we have two maintenance guides.  We have one maintenance guide that is based on a 5,000 mile service interval time kinda intended for the synthetic oil change.  The other one we have is a 3,000 mile oil change, intended for regular engine oil, non-synthetic.  If you go on our website you can click on the links on the home page, down load it and you can have those guides for yourself, or you can simply just stop in here and we will gladly give you a copy of one of them.  Also in the 5,000 mile service guide, towards the back, there is a free oil changes for life, another program we run.  Stop in, we will be glad to take you through that whole program and let you know what that is going to cost you and what the benefits of that are for you. Also these are my fuel system clean apparatuses.  This one is for gasoline injection.  And we also have a separate one for for diesel injection. Both of these do a very good gob.  Had a local overhead door shop stop in. Truck was running terrible on their diesel.  Ran a fuel system clean through a desire truck, smoothed it right out.  It was running a v-8, running on four cylinders, something like that.  If you ever smell a desire running like that they stink, ran great when it was done.  They actually came by about a year later, just to kind of finish cleaning everything up.  Because it was running so great that they were hoping to get just a smig out of it.  Thing purrs like a kitten no other complaints from the fuel system at this time.  So the same thing with a gasoline.  I personally have taken other vehicles in, done for other people, not running right, running rough, dying at a stop, missing, got a fuel injector not spraying, all these things have been helped or fixed by a fuel system clean.  Chemicals and apparatuses including equipment are here. So the next time you are in the need of fuel system maintenance, stop on by.  Thanks for watching Johnson Automotive. Thanks for watching. 






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10 reasons to buy a remote start

by Larry Johnson 5. January 2013 12:16

     10 reasons to buy a remote start

1) It is 16 degrees outside.

2) You won't lock your keys in the car.

3) your running late this morning.

4) your windows are frosted over.

5) It will probability will be only 20 degrees tomorrow.

6) Your kids are still sleeping.

7) you deserve it.

8) as a gift you will be number one.

9) no one can steal your car cause you left the keys in it to stay warm.

10) no one wants to see you fall when you hurry out to start it.



Hi! And welcome to another Johnson Automotive video.  In this video we have a couple customers who would like to give their testimony about how they feel about Johnson Automotive.   Take a few minutes and watch it.  I appreciate it.  Thank you and thank you to the customers that gave these testimonies.  We enjoy serving you. 

My name is Greg Munz, and I drive 65 miles to have Larry Johnson from Johnson Automotive to service my car.  I grew up in Fairbury and now I live in Ottawa and I don’t trust anyone else besides Larry to service my car.  I bought a 2009 Ford Fusion.  On mile one I brought it to Larry and now I’m on 106,000 and I have had ZERO problems with my car.  Every time I come in to Johnson Automotive, Larry treats me with utmost respect and I think he is an all-around guy.  He has talked about putting up a 300,000 mile club for cars that make it to 300,000 miles and I have complete confidence my car will get up there with Larry taking care of it.

Hi.  I got for Christmas the Compustar car starter and it is the best thing that I have ever had.  A wonderful Christmas present and I tell you at night when I am getting ready to go home and it’s like zero outside---I’ve got a warm car to home to.  Thanks.


Mr. Jonson is the sweetest and really the greatest person I ever met, along with his mother.  And he is friendly with everyone, even with animals.  So I highly recommend him.  Right down here he will do anything you need. He is the greatest.   

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During this busy holiday season

by Larry Johnson 3. December 2012 05:26

           During this busy holiday season

During this busy holiday season many people want to put off the purchase of their remote start as close to Christmas as possible.  We lengthen our hours and double our efforts to ensure you and your loved one gets there gift on time one trick is to wrap one of the remotes as a gift. However you do it! You’ll still be their hero. Maybe next year they will pay you back for that brilliant gift. One last thought let’s not forget the real reason for the season!





Hi.  Welcome to another Johnson Automotive video.   Yeah, that’s right; in this on we are going to be talking about Cell Phone Remote Start. That’s right, I know for a long time I haven’t really talked about them or sold them, or anything like that.  But that reason was because I felt like they were too expensive and because the network that they used was AT&T. And around here in Fairbury, anyone who has ever had AT&T, knows, yeah, there is no signal.  Yeah, No.  So they changed and they are now using a Verizon Network and they also cut the price in half.  So, I went ahead and installed one in my truck, did some testing around, have had excellent results with it.  Everywhere I want to start my truck it starts right up.  All I gotta do is choose the style of remote I want, as far as the look goes and then get logged in.  After, of course, you have me install it. And then it is all ready to go.  The first 90 days you get FREE.  So then you can unlock your door, unlock your door, start it, hit the trunk, sound off the alarm and wake up your neighbors, and there is a couple extra axillary features if we need to set something up special for you. Sends you all kinds of confirmations that what you asked it to do, it did.  Has a status button.  For a small extra, we can even add a temperature probe inside your car, so that you can know how warm or cold your car is. So you get up.  It’s 2 degrees outside.  Hit the remote start.  You get ready to leave.  Wait a minute—How warm is it in my vehicle?—Oh, good it is 85 degrees, so I can go ahead and get in my vehicle.  Or, Hey,” it’s only 78—maybe I want to wait a few more minutes”.  Or maybe it’s the summer time and it’s like 2 million degrees and your interior is melting! So you cool it off.  Turn your air conditioner on.  Look in there.  “Oh, man, it’s a nice 60 degrees in there.  OK, we can go ahead and get in the car now”.  Real convenient.  Anywhere in the world.  You can be in Florida and start your car in Illinois.  I recommend to people, if you don’t have to buy an extra remote, you just have to have the cell phone set up.  But if you want, I can even, if you want, sink your factory remote, even though it’s only got lock out, we can turn that into a feature that will remote start your car for you.   But, I also have a testimonial of another good customer of mine. He went ahead and got one.  Don’t take my word for it.  Listen to his.

Hello, my name is Joe Richman.  I live here in Fairbury.   I had Johnson Automotive install a Drone Remote Start on my 2012 Toyota Corolla and I just wanted people to know that the service works really well here in Fairbury.  I also travel to East Peoria. I also have been in Chicago land area and everywhere I have gone I have been able to remote start my car wherever I’m at.  Larry did a great job on installation and I would recommend this remote start to anyone.


Thanks for watching this Johnson Automotive video.  Don’t forget to go ahead and subscribe down there, and check out our other testimonial videos or other informative videos.  We’ve had lots of comments from our customers that they have had a question about a certain topic and they went down and checked out some other videos and it has helped them to understand something that maybe they did not understand before.  And if you have any suggestions, themes or questions on subjects that you would like to hear me put a video together on, just leave a comment below and we will see what we can do to get that video together.  Thanks for watching and HAVE A GREAT DAY. 

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