The rural community automotive service

by Larry Johnson 30. July 2014 14:25

If you come to a rural community whether it's Gridley 61744, or Fairbury 61739, or their surrounding areas. There are many sites to see. The telephone museum in Gridley, the dirt track in Fairbury, or the Kilgus Farmstead and the Spence Farm in the surrounding country side. There is beautiful scenery, relaxing atmosphere, and great family fun. Unless one of the more taxing problems arise like locking your keys in the car, dead battery, flat tire, or even worse some mechanical failure. Call Johnson Automotive 815-692-4015. Not only will we tow you day or night, but we also have rental cars, top repair, from a quick service staff that will help you out of your dilemma



Hi welcome to another Johnson Automotive video ya even if you’re broken down here in Gridley Illinois We will bring you out a Hertz rent a car and we will pick up, your accident or wreck, your car that broke down in no  time flat so don’t forget whether it is a door unlock a jumpstart, or if you had an accident and slip off in the ditch give us a call at Johnson Automotive 815-692-4015


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