Taking care of timing belts in the Pontiac, Gridley, Chenoa, Forrest, Chatsworth IL

by Larry Johnson 27. May 2014 04:03

Taking care of timing belts in the Pontiac, Gridley, Chenoa, Forrest, Chatsworth IL

They say timing is everything. That’s definately true when it comes to your timing belt. First, your timing belt keeps your valves operating in time with your engine so that it runs properly. Second, if you replace your timing belt on schedule, you’ll likely avoid the downtime and expense that can result from a broken or slipping timing belt. At Johnson Automotive in Fairbury we install quality  replacement parts. Some people like to save money on the accesories like water pump, idler, tensioner, & seals.However this generaly cuts the life exspectancy of the belt in half. Give us a call at 815.692.4015 and let us help keep you safely and economically on the road. check out our video and see what might happen 



Hi, welcome to another Johnson Automotive Video.  In this video we are going to discuss timing chains and timing belts.   Pretty much the idea of both of them is one of the same.  The chain tends to be more durable; however there is no service recommendation for a timing chain service interval. Timing belts, most people are aware service somewhere around 60,000 most all manufacturers recommend that.  Have any questions, come on by and we will be glad to look up your specific vehicle and tell you when exactly you are due for your timing belt.  It’s better safe than sorry.  If it says you need to do it in 60, you should probably go ahead and do it at 58-55.  There is no harm in that.  Also the water pumps accessories, idlers, tensioners, all that kind of stuff; you should probably do it all at the same time.  It has been documented that the belt---the life of the belt is about 50% shorter when you don’t do accessories and for the few extra bucks it’s just not worth it to skimp out.  This one here happens to be a timing chain motor.  Even though as I said before there is no service interval recommendation by the manufacture, that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t personally recommend doing them every 100-150, something.  There have been lots of motors ruined by timing chains jumping time.  And so basically, what does a timing chain, what does a timing belt do?  So what happens is you have your pistons going up and down in the cylinder , pumping building compression and  pressure , and the valves, the intake valve allows a fuel/air mixture when it opens up and then also when it is done—when it closes  and the piston comes up on top dead center it closes the spark plus ignites, the air/fuel mixture in explosion it throws the piston down , the piston comes back up, the exhaust valve opens up and pushes out usually the majority  of the exhaust out of the exhaust valve.  So what happens is in an engine that is called interference , these valves are so close to the piston that if it’s not times precisely, you have an impact , that impact causes a little bit of breakage.  And you can see here, there are holes in the pistons, we have busted off valve seats, and we have catastrophic damage.  You couldn’t reuse these pieces even if you wanted to rebuild it.  It’s new engine time regardless.   And certainly a timing belt or chain is significantly cheaper than buying a new engine.  But whichever you would like to do here at Johnson Automotive, we can either replace your engine or your timing belt or chain.  So whatever you want to do, we are here to help you.  However as for this motor, this head, this block I’m going to say, “Stick a fork in it…She’s done!” --- By the way, yeah, go ahead and subscribe—yeah the button is down here somewhere---yeah you can even like us—I don’t think you need to unlike us—why would you unlike us!! We are likeable so go ahead and like us! But right after you subscribe.

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