Rental cars

by Larry Johnson 9. July 2014 09:56

Have you ever been out late at night and some how your involved in an accident.How will you get to work in the morning?Just give us a call and if we tow your damaged vehicle away, we will offer you one of our hertz rental cars on the spot reguardless of what  time on night it is. There is a deposit and paper work that must be tacken care of. As for your life, it goes forward. You may also renta car for any other reason such as work, vacation, or just because. More question call us at 815 - 692 - 4015.



Hi and welcome to another Johnson Automotive video.    Many people are asking me.  So, Larry, you got Hertz Rent a Car?  Absolutely we do.  We got all kinds of cars on the lot.  How many do you need.  How many accidents have you been in? Well do you want one for vacation?  Do you just need an insurance replacement?  Don’t bother calling anybody else.  Just call us for the tow and we will get your into a nice, brand new 2012 – 2013 Hertz  Rent a Car.  We’ll take care of the insurance in the morning , just give me your credit card information and we’ll  be glad to get you all set up in a nice Hertz Rent a Car so you can move  on  with your day , and don’t have to be worried about being late for work, or ruining your day just because you  had an accident.  Thanks for watching and  HAVE A GREAT DAY.

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