10 reasons to buy a remote start

by Larry Johnson 5. January 2013 12:16

     10 reasons to buy a remote start

1) It is 16 degrees outside.

2) You won't lock your keys in the car.

3) your running late this morning.

4) your windows are frosted over.

5) It will probability will be only 20 degrees tomorrow.

6) Your kids are still sleeping.

7) you deserve it.

8) as a gift you will be number one.

9) no one can steal your car cause you left the keys in it to stay warm.

10) no one wants to see you fall when you hurry out to start it.



Hi! And welcome to another Johnson Automotive video.  In this video we have a couple customers who would like to give their testimony about how they feel about Johnson Automotive.   Take a few minutes and watch it.  I appreciate it.  Thank you and thank you to the customers that gave these testimonies.  We enjoy serving you. 

My name is Greg Munz, and I drive 65 miles to have Larry Johnson from Johnson Automotive to service my car.  I grew up in Fairbury and now I live in Ottawa and I don’t trust anyone else besides Larry to service my car.  I bought a 2009 Ford Fusion.  On mile one I brought it to Larry and now I’m on 106,000 and I have had ZERO problems with my car.  Every time I come in to Johnson Automotive, Larry treats me with utmost respect and I think he is an all-around guy.  He has talked about putting up a 300,000 mile club for cars that make it to 300,000 miles and I have complete confidence my car will get up there with Larry taking care of it.

Hi.  I got for Christmas the Compustar car starter and it is the best thing that I have ever had.  A wonderful Christmas present and I tell you at night when I am getting ready to go home and it’s like zero outside---I’ve got a warm car to home to.  Thanks.


Mr. Jonson is the sweetest and really the greatest person I ever met, along with his mother.  And he is friendly with everyone, even with animals.  So I highly recommend him.  Right down here he will do anything you need. He is the greatest.   

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During this busy holiday season

by Larry Johnson 3. December 2012 05:26

           During this busy holiday season

During this busy holiday season many people want to put off the purchase of their remote start as close to Christmas as possible.  We lengthen our hours and double our efforts to ensure you and your loved one gets there gift on time one trick is to wrap one of the remotes as a gift. However you do it! You’ll still be their hero. Maybe next year they will pay you back for that brilliant gift. One last thought let’s not forget the real reason for the season!





Hi.  Welcome to another Johnson Automotive video.   Yeah, that’s right; in this on we are going to be talking about Cell Phone Remote Start. That’s right, I know for a long time I haven’t really talked about them or sold them, or anything like that.  But that reason was because I felt like they were too expensive and because the network that they used was AT&T. And around here in Fairbury, anyone who has ever had AT&T, knows, yeah, there is no signal.  Yeah, No.  So they changed and they are now using a Verizon Network and they also cut the price in half.  So, I went ahead and installed one in my truck, did some testing around, have had excellent results with it.  Everywhere I want to start my truck it starts right up.  All I gotta do is choose the style of remote I want, as far as the look goes and then get logged in.  After, of course, you have me install it. And then it is all ready to go.  The first 90 days you get FREE.  So then you can unlock your door, unlock your door, start it, hit the trunk, sound off the alarm and wake up your neighbors, and there is a couple extra axillary features if we need to set something up special for you. Sends you all kinds of confirmations that what you asked it to do, it did.  Has a status button.  For a small extra, we can even add a temperature probe inside your car, so that you can know how warm or cold your car is. So you get up.  It’s 2 degrees outside.  Hit the remote start.  You get ready to leave.  Wait a minute—How warm is it in my vehicle?—Oh, good it is 85 degrees, so I can go ahead and get in my vehicle.  Or, Hey,” it’s only 78—maybe I want to wait a few more minutes”.  Or maybe it’s the summer time and it’s like 2 million degrees and your interior is melting! So you cool it off.  Turn your air conditioner on.  Look in there.  “Oh, man, it’s a nice 60 degrees in there.  OK, we can go ahead and get in the car now”.  Real convenient.  Anywhere in the world.  You can be in Florida and start your car in Illinois.  I recommend to people, if you don’t have to buy an extra remote, you just have to have the cell phone set up.  But if you want, I can even, if you want, sink your factory remote, even though it’s only got lock out, we can turn that into a feature that will remote start your car for you.   But, I also have a testimonial of another good customer of mine. He went ahead and got one.  Don’t take my word for it.  Listen to his.

Hello, my name is Joe Richman.  I live here in Fairbury.   I had Johnson Automotive install a Drone Remote Start on my 2012 Toyota Corolla and I just wanted people to know that the service works really well here in Fairbury.  I also travel to East Peoria. I also have been in Chicago land area and everywhere I have gone I have been able to remote start my car wherever I’m at.  Larry did a great job on installation and I would recommend this remote start to anyone.


Thanks for watching this Johnson Automotive video.  Don’t forget to go ahead and subscribe down there, and check out our other testimonial videos or other informative videos.  We’ve had lots of comments from our customers that they have had a question about a certain topic and they went down and checked out some other videos and it has helped them to understand something that maybe they did not understand before.  And if you have any suggestions, themes or questions on subjects that you would like to hear me put a video together on, just leave a comment below and we will see what we can do to get that video together.  Thanks for watching and HAVE A GREAT DAY. 

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