10 reasons to buy a remote start

by Larry Johnson 5. January 2013 12:16

     10 reasons to buy a remote start

1) It is 16 degrees outside.

2) You won't lock your keys in the car.

3) your running late this morning.

4) your windows are frosted over.

5) It will probability will be only 20 degrees tomorrow.

6) Your kids are still sleeping.

7) you deserve it.

8) as a gift you will be number one.

9) no one can steal your car cause you left the keys in it to stay warm.

10) no one wants to see you fall when you hurry out to start it.



Hi! And welcome to another Johnson Automotive video.  In this video we have a couple customers who would like to give their testimony about how they feel about Johnson Automotive.   Take a few minutes and watch it.  I appreciate it.  Thank you and thank you to the customers that gave these testimonies.  We enjoy serving you. 

My name is Greg Munz, and I drive 65 miles to have Larry Johnson from Johnson Automotive to service my car.  I grew up in Fairbury and now I live in Ottawa and I don’t trust anyone else besides Larry to service my car.  I bought a 2009 Ford Fusion.  On mile one I brought it to Larry and now I’m on 106,000 and I have had ZERO problems with my car.  Every time I come in to Johnson Automotive, Larry treats me with utmost respect and I think he is an all-around guy.  He has talked about putting up a 300,000 mile club for cars that make it to 300,000 miles and I have complete confidence my car will get up there with Larry taking care of it.

Hi.  I got for Christmas the Compustar car starter and it is the best thing that I have ever had.  A wonderful Christmas present and I tell you at night when I am getting ready to go home and it’s like zero outside---I’ve got a warm car to home to.  Thanks.


Mr. Jonson is the sweetest and really the greatest person I ever met, along with his mother.  And he is friendly with everyone, even with animals.  So I highly recommend him.  Right down here he will do anything you need. He is the greatest.   

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