Spring has sprung

by Larry Johnson 2. April 2013 03:56

Spring has sprung

As the weather gets nicer vehicle monitors complete, gas prices start to climb, noises and vibrations become

apparent. Check us out online at our website or Youtube . check out this link to increase your fuel mileage http://youtu.be/FlmUkS8PfUI .Holding off on these repairs doesn't save you money rather it costs you more because it tears up more and lowers your fuel mileage . Once that check engine light is on for something your not concerned about like say an evaporative emission problem it doesn't change if a crank sensor or a oxygen sensor. Stop in and see us at John son Automotive 601 west oak Fairbury




Hi.  Welcome to another Johnson Automotive video.  In this video we are going to talk about Fuel System Cleaning and maintenance.  Basically this is what the throttle body looks like on the inside.  When you take the cover off and see all the guts in here...  You notice all the plastic gears and you know that plastic is not plastic and it is made pretty well but basically you see the movement on the butterfly and it corresponds with these gears, plastic gears plus carbon, small electric motor running  and all this, basically a lot of times what happens is a lot of carbon build-up gets in here it makes the motor work hard trying to overcome all the carbon deposits and it’s hard not only on the throttle body, it’s hard on what they call the idle air control.  All those things, little motor, all trying to run, trying to do their job.  Fuel system clean will make your car run a lot better.  It also cleans out the injectors, the little ports on the injectors; it gets them all spraying right, so that the fuel can actually atomize best.  I’ve got brochures on it, you can go to my web site, and  go to our services page and there is lots of links on there for BG, and for my,”Having trouble visualizing a repair or maintenance service”, click on that link and it will take you to a car .  Go through all kinds of explanations of timing belts and fuel system cleans and coolant flushes the whole bit.  Also on there, if you like, we have two maintenance guides.  We have one maintenance guide that is based on a 5,000 mile service interval time kinda intended for the synthetic oil change.  The other one we have is a 3,000 mile oil change, intended for regular engine oil, non-synthetic.  If you go on our website you can click on the links on the home page, down load it and you can have those guides for yourself, or you can simply just stop in here and we will gladly give you a copy of one of them.  Also in the 5,000 mile service guide, towards the back, there is a free oil changes for life, another program we run.  Stop in, we will be glad to take you through that whole program and let you know what that is going to cost you and what the benefits of that are for you. Also these are my fuel system clean apparatuses.  This one is for gasoline injection.  And we also have a separate one for for diesel injection. Both of these do a very good gob.  Had a local overhead door shop stop in. Truck was running terrible on their diesel.  Ran a fuel system clean through a desire truck, smoothed it right out.  It was running a v-8, running on four cylinders, something like that.  If you ever smell a desire running like that they stink, ran great when it was done.  They actually came by about a year later, just to kind of finish cleaning everything up.  Because it was running so great that they were hoping to get just a smig out of it.  Thing purrs like a kitten no other complaints from the fuel system at this time.  So the same thing with a gasoline.  I personally have taken other vehicles in, done for other people, not running right, running rough, dying at a stop, missing, got a fuel injector not spraying, all these things have been helped or fixed by a fuel system clean.  Chemicals and apparatuses including equipment are here. So the next time you are in the need of fuel system maintenance, stop on by.  Thanks for watching Johnson Automotive. Thanks for watching. 






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