Used vehicle pre-purchace inspections

by Larry Johnson 23. July 2013 03:44

          Vehicle safety inspections

Many shops offer them, however several don't follow through! Some because they are lazy, others because they fear the response of the customer. It has recorded that since the 1970's the traffic fatality rate has fallen 2 percent per year until the last 12 months where it jumped 9%! I ask the question when a backyard or a do it yourself auto repair goes bad who makes it right, who pays for it? If you don't hear the advice of your mechanic why does he inspect your vehicle if doesn't inspect your vehicle properly is he a professional, if he is not a professional why do you go to him?

As for me and my shop we will continue to do the right thing and act with respect, honesty, and professionalism. Hopefully we explained fully, if not ask us and we will show you

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HI, and welcome to another Johnson Automotive video.  Don’t let them hook you into another used vehicle purchase going into it blindfolded.   Stop on by Johnson Automotive where we are a black belt in automotive repair, inspections and diagnosis.  Here we have a check sheet process, CAR FAX, diagnostics, and after all, we are the ones that would be fixing your vehicle.   Stop on by Johnson Automotive where you can get that used vehicle inspected by a professional.  By the black belts in automotive repair!  Thanks for watching.  

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