23 hour towing

by Larry Johnson 7. April 2014 13:51

23 hour towing

 Many people ask what hour are you off? The answer is simple, we are a 24 / 7 towing service call, and if you call  me for the tow and need a Hertz rent a car we take care of your car rental need at any hour. Of course we repair  and rent cars for anyone during hours, Monday thru Fri 7 am till 6 PM and all day Saturday 8 am until 4 pm. Over  the years many questions have arisen reguarding our towing

  What towns do you cover?

Pontiac 61764, Forrest 61741, Chenoa 61726, Lexington 61753, Fairbury 61739, Towanda 61776, Gridley 61744, Sauemin 61769, Flanagan 61740, Cullom 60929, Kempton 60946, Emington 60934, Strawn 61775, stell 60919, Campus 60920, Cooksvile 61730, Cropsey 61731, Odell 60460, Anchor 61720, Gibson City 60936, Dwight 60420, Colfax 61728 Il area, and many other towns not mentioned. Just give us a call 815-  692-4015

 Do you take credit cards?

    Yes. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover. The card AND cardholder must be present. We cannot accept credit             cards over the phone.

  Do you accept personal checks?


  Can you bill my insurance company for my service?

        1)   Yes, in some cases if you have full coverage and expect to leave the car with us until it is paid and in some cases storage is paid

         2)     If you have towing insurance, most insurance companies have a roadside company that handles those requests. In            order for them to cover it with little or no out of pocket cost to you, you must go through that roadside number.

         3)        In the case of some agents, you are able to pay for the service then get reimbursed by the insurance              company Please  contact their office to see if your agent participates in this program. Insurance companies will not pay for towing, recovery    and storage costs for vehicles that are impounded because of an arrest or being illegally parked

  My vehicle has been in an accident. What now?

1)   Full coverage insurance

A)      Call us for the tow and rental car  815–692-4015

B)     Contact your insurance company or agent and tell them where your vehicle is
located. They will normally send an adjuster out to determine whether your
vehicle is repairable or is a total loss

C)     If your vehicle is repairable, contact our office to arrange to have your vehicle
towed to a body shop of your choice.

D)     If your vehicle is totaled, the insurance company will normally arrange for a
salvage yard to pick up the vehicle.

                       E)     While the general procedure is the same for most insurance companies, please
                        contact your agent for the specific polices of your insurance company.

              2)                                                                          Liability only insurance


B)        Towing is not considered a liability of the accident, and is therefore not covered by liability only insurance. You are responsible for all towing, recovery, storage and rental car charges for your vehicle. If your vehicle is repairable, we are able to include the original towing, recovery and storage charges onto the bill for towing the vehicle to a repair shop and you can settle it with the body when you pick up your vehicle after it is repaired.

C)       If your vehicle is totaled, you have a few options:

D)       You can contact a salvage company about buying your totaled vehicle.
They do require the title to the vehicle, but most vehicles have a salvage

E)       You can pay the original towing and recovery bill, plus 7 days of storage
to us and we will accept the title for any additional storage charges, and not charge you processing and disposal costs. We do not “part out” vehicles, so your vehicle has no salvage value to us.

F)        You can pick up the vehicle and pay all towing, recovery and storage charges

 My car has been impounded. Now what?

Police Department:

Cars towed by the Police Department as the result of an arrest or being illegally parked requires a release from the police department. You must go, IN PERSON, to the police department to obtain this release. They will give you a form to bring to us to claim your vehicle. The towing fee is separate from this release fee. And different townships have different charges

1)  Please see the following for information regarding this release procedure

2)   To claim your vehicle (regardless of the reason impounded), you will need the following

       A)    Someone with a valid driver’s license

       B)    The amount of the towing/storage bill.

        C)    Acceptable forms of payment: Cash only for police arrest tows & impounds

        D)    We DO NOT accept personal or company checks

        E)    The release form from the Police Department, if required.

3)       Office hours are 7am-6pm Monday-Friday, excluding holidays. Vehicles are able
to be claimed at other times for an additional fee.

4)     DUI Arrests: If your vehicle was towed as a result of an arrest for Driving Under the
Influence (either alcohol or drugs), the State of Illinois imposes a MANDATORY 12 hour hold for the first offense (time extends for subsequent offenses). We are unable to release the vehicle before this hold expires, even if you meet the rest of the release requirements

Police departments and cities / towns they patrol

1)     Fairbury, IL   61739   -     Fairbury PD         -   815-692-3347

2)     Forrest, IL     61741     -     Fairbury PD       -     815-692-3347

3)     Chenoa, IL    61726    -     Chenoa PD          -     815-945-7111

4)     Gridley, IL     61744   -     County                 -      309-888-5000

5)     Pontiac, IL 61764       -    Pontiac PD           -      (815) 844-5148

6)     Lexington, IL 61753   -    Lexington PD       -     (309) 888-5030

7)     Chatsworth, IL 60921  -     County               -      815-844-2774

8)     Strawn, IL 61775     -    County          -        815-844-2774

9)     Colfax, IL 61728     -    County          -         309-888-5000

10)  Cropsey, IL 61731     -    County          -      815-844-2774

11)  Saunemin, IL 61769     -    County          -      815-844-2774

12)  Odell, IL 60460        -    County          -      815-844-2774

13)  Dwight, IL 60420        -    Dwight          -      815-584-3132

14)  State police     -   IL district 6     -    815-844-1522

Parked on private property, non-police ordered tow

To claim your vehicle, you will need the following:

(Regardless of the reason impounded)  

     A)   Someone with a valid driver’s license

     B)  The amount of the towing/storage bill

     C)    Acceptable forms of payment Cash

     D)    We DO NOT accept personal or company checks.

My car is impounded, do you have payment plans?

Yes. Our payment plan policy is as follows:

1)   The bill must be larger than $500

2)  The vehicle is not allowed to be removed from our impound lot until the final payment is

3)  The vehicle must be eligible for release. We do not offer payment plans on any
vehicle that has been ordered held by a government official, i.e.: police department, fire
department, US Marshal, etc. This includes vehicles that have been seized.

4)    50% of the entire bill is required as a down payment

5)   Payments will be one of the following:

A)     4 additional payments, due weekly on the day the down payment is made

B)     2 additional payments, due bi-weekly on the day the down payment is made

C)    if you make your down payment on a Monday

D)   Your weekly payment is due every Monday, until paid in full

E)    Your bi-weekly payment is due on the 1st and 3rd Monday from the down payment.

F)     Once the down payment is received, storage will be stopped. Providing that the
scheduled payments are made, you will incur no additional storage. However, if one
payment is missed, all waived storage will be added and we are unable to stop it again.
It will incur until the vehicle is picked up.

G)   There is no penalty for paying off the balance early.

H)     Acceptable forms of payment Cash

I)     . No checks are accepted

You have my car, but I want my personal property. What do I do?

Per Illinois Compiled Statutes 625 ILCS 5/4-203 (from Ch. 95 1/2, par. 4-203), the contents of
any vehicle that is subject to a lien under this subsection (g) shall likewise be subject to that lien

What does this mean to me?

Only the following items will be released from impounded vehicles:

1)     Food

2)      Medicine

3)     Perishable Property

4)     Operator’s License (driver’s license)

5)     Cash, Credit Cards or Checks/checkbooks

6)     Wallets

7)     Purses

8)     Property containing any operator’s licenses or other identifying documents or materials
all other contents of the vehicle will be held until the bill against the vehicle is settled. This
includes radios, speakers, clothing, books, tools, etc.

It’s not my car, but my personal property is inside. Can I get it?

Yes, providing the following criteria is met:

1)     The vehicle does not have a hold on it by a police department that prohibits us from
allowing anyone access to the vehicle (i.e. it’s being held for seizure).

2)     The registered owner of the vehicle is present.

3)      In the event the registered owner is not present (i.e. they are out of state, 
incarcerated, etc.), we will accept a notarized letter from them stating that you (your driver’s license/state ID number must be listed) have their permission to
remove your property from their vehicle. The letter must state specifically what
they are allowing you to remove.

4)     If the items are not the ones allowed by the law (food, medicine, perishable property,
operator’s license (driver’s license), cash, credit cards or checks/checkbooks, wallets,
purses, property containing any operator’s licenses or other identifying documents or
materials), then the original tow bill plus seven days of storage must be paid.

5)      If you are wanting to pick the items up outside of 8am-5pm Monday through Friday 
(excluding holidays), a late release fee will apply.

 I was told I had to pay a “Gate Fee” or a “Late Release Fee”. What is that?

1)      Gate Fee: A “Gate Fee” is a fee charged every time someone is requesting access to
the impound yard in regards to that vehicle, including when it is picked up and removed.

2)     A Gate Fee is charged regardless of the time the access is requested.

3)      Late Release Fee: A “Late Release Fee” is charged when you are requesting access
to the impound yard in regards to that vehicle after business hours, including when it is
picked up and removed. This fee is also charged when you are removing personal items
from the vehicle after hours.

My vehicle is broken down. Can I work on it in your impound lot?

 No, our insurance requirements do not allow anyone to work on a vehicle on our property, 
including the removal of parts. You would need to make arrangements to have the vehicle
removed from our property.

 Do you have requirements for accessing your impound yard?

Yes, only the following people are allowed access to our impound yard(gate fees and/or late Release fees may apply) 

          1)       Registered owner or their designated agent

           2)        Leave your friends in the vehicle that brought you they will not be allowed in the yard

           3)        Insurance adjuster

           4)        Police officer

 Requirements for being allowed entrance to our impound yards:

   1)       At least 16 years of age. No one under the age of 16 will be admitted, with or without a

 2)       Closed toe shoes



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